Vision and Mission


Chief Tahgee Elementary Academy (CTEA) is an exemplary student-centered learning organization reflecting the Shoshone-Bannock values of deniwape, where culture is an indispensable resource ‐ the very heart and soul of the school. CTEA has three primary purposes: academics, bilingualism, and cultural enrichment. In our one‐way language immersion program, students who already speak English will be "immersed" in their Native language. CTEA envisions a place of learning where all students are given the opportunity to develop the intellectual skills and social capacities needed to lead successful lives.


The mission of CTEA is to provide every student the Power of Two. The Power of Two is the ability to speak, read, write and think in both English and another language. Students who have the Power of Two are better prepared to meet the challenges of a global society because they have these life advantages:

Language & Cultural Immersion
Fine & Performing Arts
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