Chief Tahgee Elementary Academy

...educating our children through language and culture.

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Chief Tahgee Elementary Academy
P.O. Box 217 - 34 South Hiline Rd.
Fort Hall, Idaho 83203
Phone: (208) 237-2710
Fax: (208) 237-1734
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 General Information & Inquiries

 Joel F. Weaver, Director of School Programs
 Dr. Cyd Crue, Coordinator of Curriculum & Instruction

Legal Counsel
 Jeanette Wolfley, Esq.
Board of Directors
 Velda Racehorse, Chair
 Alexandria Alvarez, Treasurer
 Nancy Eschief Murillo, Secretary
 Merceline Boyer
 Maxine Edmo
 Belma Colter
 Leslie St. Claire

Ex-Officio Board Members
 Dr. Beverly Klug
All Chief Tahgee Elementary Academy email addresses have the same standard form - firstname.lastname@cteacademy.org.
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©2012 Chief Tahgee Elementary Academy - all rights reserves